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Personal & Family Support : Carinity Education – Glendyne

Personal & Family Support

The support and pastoral care available at Carinity Education – Glendyne ensures that each student’s individual barriers and issues are addressed to provide maximum opportunity for student involvement and improvement. Support and pastoral care is also extended to families of students. We work with the students and their parents or carers to address their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.



One-on-one tutoring is provided free of charge during school hours where there is an assessed need.

The Counsellor assists students, parents and teachers with issues such as learning difficulties, student management, social skills, family relationships and mediation, spiritual issues, grief and loss, personal development and conflict resolution.

Early intervention programs such as Alcohol and Other Drugs, Anger Management, Self Esteem Courses and Parenting Courses for parents of students are conducted throughout the school year.

Youth Workers build and maintain a rapport with the students, and attend excursions and camps along with teachers and/or the Chaplain, providing extra support for students whilst monitoring behaviour.

Our Chaplain is on hand to assist in classrooms, chat to students and facilitate many of the mentoring activities.

QLD Health for workshops associated with oral hygiene, sexual health and general health related topics, including school visits to administer immunisations.