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Bulldogs help Glendyne ‘tackle’ bullying : Carinity Education – Glendyne

Bulldogs help Glendyne ‘tackle’ bullying

Bulldog's visit Carinity Education - Glendyne as part of the NRL Tackle Bullying Program

Bulldog’s visit as part of the NRL Tackle Bullying Program

Smaller class sizes, a family atmosphere and a Mentoring Program are just some of the ways in which Carinity Education – Glendyne has helped to tackle the issue of bullying.

Speaking during the Bulldog’s visit as part of the NRL Tackle Bullying Program, Sports Co-ordinator Robert Taylor said students respond well to hearing this message from people that they look up to.

“Hearing that high profile NRL players don’t tolerate bullying is something that really sticks with them. Bullying seems to be getting a lot more physical these days and much more pronounced amongst females, so it’s very important to keep raising awareness of this issue.

“Here at Carinity Education – Glendyne we find that the smaller class sizes and fostering positive relationships with students through the Mentoring Program ensure staff can nip any issues of bullying in the bud from the outset. A dedicated Youth Support Team which includes chaplains, counsellors and youth workers also ensures that Glendyne students can get one-on-one attention and counselling if they are having a bad day,” he said.

However, Mr Taylor said that there is a real sense of solidarity amongst Carinity Education – Glendyne students, as many of them have been bullied themselves in mainstream schools and now tend to look out for each other.

“There’s a real family feel here and a strong sense of community. If someone picks on one student at a school camp or outing, they have to pick on the whole school as they’ll all stand up for them. Carinity Education – Glendyne’s motto is to keep it REAL, standing for respect, engage, attitude, language; and the whole thing is to get the students to interact with others with respect. We want to break cycles of bullying here and let the students re-engage and emerge as positive members of society,” he said.

Located in Nikenbah just outside Hervey Bay, Carinity Education – Glendyne provides a second chance for young people who have struggled in mainstream schooling by providing a practical education with individual learning support in a flexible learning environment.

Providing pathways to brighter futures, Glendyne also delivers accredited training courses in Hospitality, Engineering, Furniture Making, IT and Work Education as part of the senior curriculum to ensure students have the skills needed to transition into traineeships and/or employment.

The Mentoring Program allows staff to build positive relationships with students in an informal ‘family-like’ environment offering both an out of school hours recreational sport program and a holiday program, along with excursions and camps.

Building close relationships with students is one of the key ways to break down barriers and stamp out bullying, Mr Taylor stressed, “and Glendyne staff are dedicated to changing student’s lives around for the better”.

The NRL Tackle Bullying Program aims to empower students to stand up for themselves and others who are being bullied, by using five steps: Stand Strong; Stay Calm; Respond Confidently; Walk Away, and Report.